Knowledge Center Overview

Get to know Opdex and how to interact with the protocols. Gather general knowledge, tips and tutorials in a common and easy to find place.


Learn about which wallets are supported, how to log in and how to submit transactions. See Wallets for more details.

Liquidity Pools

Find out about how liquidity pools operate along with how they are utilized within the protocol. See Liquidity Pools for more details.

Token Swaps

Learn about Opdex token swaps and how utilize them to swap between tokens. See Token Swaps for more details.

Providing Liquidity

Check out how to provide liquidity and effects of doing so. Learn about UI metrics and added abilities such as liquidity mining. See Providing Liquidity for more details.


Staking allows users to vote for ODX token distribution while also distributed part of the swap transaction fees to participants. Learn the why and how about staking to gain further understanding. See Staking for more details.


Liquidity mining is used to distribute ODX governance tokens. Learn about how to participate and advantages of doing so. See Mining for more details.

ODX Governance Token

ODX governance tokens are used for staking within liquidity pools. It is 100% distributed through community votes, either through the mining governance with liquidity mining or through the vault with proposals. See ODX Governance Token for more details.

Mining Governance

Gain an understanding of how ODX tokens are distributed through the on-chain mining governance smart contract. See Mining Governance for more details.


Community driven vault of locked ODX tokens, released only through successful proposals with community voting. See Vault for more details.


Find out what it takes to create a successful proposal and how the community will vote in favor or opposition of launched proposals. See Proposals for more details.


Learn about ODX assigned certificates and their locked vesting periods. See Certificates for more details.

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