Setup Wallet Helper

A guide for setting up a local environment for full node and wallet management.

1. Install Git

Git will be used to clone the Stratis Full Node Github repository, download and install Git for use in later steps.

2. Install .Net Core 3.1

.Net Core 3.1 is the version of .NET that the Stratis Full Node runs, this must be installed to run the FN locally on your machine.

3. Install Postman

Postman is used with Opdex Wallet Helper collections to simplify submitting transactions using your own node and wallet on your local machine. This allows quotes from Opdex Platform UI to be easily copied, pasted, and broadcasted in a decentralized manner. Download, install and create a free postman account.

4. Download Stratis Full Node

Now that Git, .Net Core 3.1 and Postman have been installed, we can use them to download and run the Stratis Full Node in the following steps.

Navigate to Your Storage Location

Navigate to your storage location (My Documents or Desktop easiest) by executing the following command in the command line:


Command Line

Using Windows or Linux, you can find Command Line. When using Mac, look for Terminal.

cd Documents

Clone Stratis Full Node Repository

Once your command line prompt is at your desired storage location, run the following command to clone the Stratis Full Node code base to your machine.

git clone

Navigate to the Newly Cloned Project Directory

Your command prompt should already be at your storage location with the code base cloned within during the previous step. You should navigate to the newly cloned project and into the Cirrus project you'll be running.

cd StratisFullNode/src/Stratis.CirrusD

Switch to Release Branch

Git branches allow different versions of code to be used, execute the following command to switch to the correct branch for Opdex Testnet.

git checkout release/

5. Run Stratis Full Node

Execute the following command once in the Cirrus project directory within the command line.

# Windows or Linux
dotnet run -testnet

# Mac
dotnet run -testnet -dbtype=rocksdb

You should see the full node start up and begin to sync.


Example Full Flow of Commands

cd Documents
git clone
cd StratisFullNode/src/Stratis.CirrusD
git checkout release/
dotnet run -testnet


Move Along...

Once your Full Node is running, it will take some time to find peers and sync. In the meantime, as long as it is running successfully, you can move on to next steps.

6. Setup Postman Collections

Using the following link, download the postman jumpstart zip file. Once downloaded unzip the folder to find 2 individual JSON files. One to import the Wallet Helper Postman collection and one for the Wallet Helper Postman environment.

Navigate to your Collections and click "Import" to begin importing Opdex collections and environments.


Clicking the import button allows you to use existing Opdex exported tools.

Change from the default environment to the new Wallet_Helper environment.


Click the Environments dropdown to select the Wallet_Helper environment.

7. Create Wallet

Open postman and navigate to the Collections > Opdex Wallet Helper > Create Wallet directory, you'll find your collections in the sidebar on the left of the screen.

Get Mnemonic

  • Click over to the Get Mnemonic step within the collections sidebar.
  • Click the send button in the upper right hand corner.
  • Copy the response of the 12 word mnemonic phrase from the response on the bottom half of the screen.

Clicking send on the top right will return a new mnemonic phrase.

Create Wallet

This step will create a new testnet wallet on your local full node.

  • Click over to the Create Wallet step within the collections sidebar.
  • Click the Body button under the URL address bar.
  • Paste in your 12 word mnemonic phrase into the mnemonic property of the request.
  • Add a new wallet name, password and passphrase into the associated properties of the request
  • Click Send on the top right of the screen to create your wallet

The create wallet requests requires entering your mnemonic and new wallet information within the empty quotes.


Formatting Matters

An example of a request would look something like:

  "mnemonic": "solution market kit bronze fire profit curtain can mail motor wild order",
  "password": "myPassword", 
  "passphrase": "myPassphrase",
  "name": "myWalletName"

Get Wallet Address

  • Click over to the Get Wallet Address step within Postman.
  • Click the send button in the upper right hand corner.

A new wallet address is returned in the response body. This is your new testnet public key.

Validate Environment Variables

Validate all of the environment variables have been set properly during the previous steps. All wallet related fields should be populated. These values will be used only with your local full node for wallet based transactions.


Validate all environment variables are populated correctly, these are private to you.


:eyes: Password Variables

Environment variables are private to you and not shared elsewhere. You can clear sensitive environment variables when closing the application so they are not there in plain text but they must be populated when in use for interaction with your wallet and full node.

8. Request Tokens

Head to the official Opdex discord to request tokens by kindly sharing your Testnet wallet public key where a team member will have TCRS and TSRC tokens distributed to you.

Opdex Discord :loudspeaker:

9. Monitor Full Node

Continue to monitor your FN and its connections to ensure blocks keep syncing forward. In order to use this wallet helper, your full node must always be synced and running. When the node is fully synced you will be able to see accurate token balances and submit wallet based transactions.


Adding Peers

Using the Add Peer request in the Postman collection, you can manually add known Testnet peers by pasting in an IP address and submitting the request. For further support or IP addresses to connect to reach out in Discord.

10. YOU MADE IT! :raised-hands:

You've successfully set up your Testnet full node with a new wallet and it's syncing! In the meantime, enjoy the views of Opdex on Testnet :raised-hands: :smiley: :fire: :rocket:

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